Pamela Park Proctor, LLC., is a Design and Manufacturing concern.

I am dedicated to exploration and innovation in design along with a sensibility of form and function which contributes to bringing unique products into the market place.

I have spent over 35 years working in the Fine Jewelry Business in New York City; making Jewelry Design the primary strength of my company. I enjoy using Sterling Silver; it allows me to work in a larger scale, enhancing the material with an applied patina which helps define the textures that are an important part of my work. My work in finer materials such as Platinum; 18k Gold; the use of Colored Stones, Diamonds and Pearls are utilized in the special order work that I do.

I am a passionate gardener which has enabled me to combine two loves, that of jewelry and flowers. I share these passions in my product line at

The artist, modelmaker, sculptor in me recently found a new way of expressing myself. I feel I have come full circle from my metalsmithing background and love of organic